• What I Learned About Broadcast Meteorology From A Stand-Up Comic

    People wonder how I have the guts be on live television every night. I tell them at least I’m not a stand-up comic. Compared to those guys, I think I’ve got it pretty easy. Recently I had a chance to talk to Colin Ryan, who knows all about being in front of large crowds. Not only is he a talented stand-up comic by night, but he spends his days visiting schools talking to groups of students about money management. Please check out Colin’s excellent site, A Stand Up Life to see all the great things he is doing. The more we talked, the more I realized how much our careers had in common, and I ended up learning quite a bit on how to be a better broadcaster.

    Don’t be afraid to fail. Comics have to get used to failing. It’s not that they want to, but in the pursuit of making people laugh, not every joke is a gut-buster. Most comics are constantly coming up with new material and there are so many variables in making someone laugh.  Some jokes just won’t stick, but that’s okay. Comics are used to it. As broadcast meteorologists, the daily weather forecast provides the majority of the content, but it’s up to us to make it interesting and meaningful. We need to be aware of who is watching, and how we are delivering all this information. We should always be working on something new, and not be afraid to change things up once in a while to become better at what we do.

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