• My Weather BFFs – The Importance of a Good Relationship With Your NWS Office

    When you are sitting by yourself in the weather office and the weather is getting a little nasty outside, it’s good to know that there is somebody out there who has your back. The local National Weather Service office can be a valuable resource to the broadcast meteorologist, and it is essential to develop a good relationship with them. They are also pretty nice guys. Personally, I’m grateful for the work they do at the Weather Service, and I think the relationship we have helps us all make better forecasts. Here is an interview I had with Andy Nash, the Meteorologist-in-Charge at the National Weather Service office in Burlington, Vermont. (Thanks, Andy!)

    Why is it important to have a good relationship between the local National Weather Service office and local stations?

    The primary mission of the NWS is to protect life and property from severe weather through the issuance of timely and accurate warnings and forecasts. However, if nobody hears those warnings or understands them, then the mission is impossible to achieve. Because of this, the NWS considers the local media meteorologists as critically important partners in the mission of protecting the public, and from the NWS perspective, there is no competition. The local media meteorologist has the capability to reach far more people in a short time than the NWS can. This capability to reach the masses is critical when the weather becomes potentially deadly.

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