• Get Feedback While You Can Still Do Something With It

    I welcome broadcast meteorologists starting out to send me their on-air work for feedback. I see a lot of good stuff, and plenty more that could use a little help, but that’s what we’re here for. Continue reading

  • Jim Cantore Spends A Day With Lyndon State Meteorologists

    How great would it be to get one-on-one weathercast coaching from The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore? If you are a senior broadcast meteorologist at Lyndon State College, that is exactly what you get to do. Jim Cantore (Class of ’86) offers his time and expert advice every November to help Lyndon State broadcast meteorologists become the best they can be. We just wrapped up another Jim Cantore workshop this past weekend, and it was another excellent experience.

    Dan Dowling (me) with Jim Cantore and Kerrin Jeromin

    Jim starts the full day workshop with a general presentation about the state of the business and trends within the field. We were joined again this year by meteorologist Kerrin Jeromin (Class of  ’08). Together they talked about the process of getting your first job in broadcast meteorology, and tips to be successful at your first job. We were fortunate this year to be joined by talent coach Lou Michaels from Talent Dynamics via Skype. Lou is a pro in helping broadcast professionals improve their résumé tape, develop their on-air presence, and find success in their careers. We learned a lot about the role of social media, advice for looking our best on-air and tips for the job search. Special thanks to Jim for helping set that up. It was a great experience for the students and there was a ton of helpful information.

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