• Why All Broadcast Meteorologists Should Have A ‘Plan B’

    As much as we try we can’t predict the future, especially when it comes to our careers. While you are still in college, you should take some time to put together a plan for when things don’t go as expected.

    We’re not all living the dream. For some broadcast meteorologists, recent graduates discover that either they don’t like the job as much as they thought they would, or that the job doesn’t like them. Some meteorologists have unrealistic expectations of what the job will pay, or what the hours or work might be like. Others find that no matter how many tapes they send out to even the smallest of stations, the phone will just not ring.

    When I graduated college, I didn’t have a Plan B. I was six months out of school, working in retail and my college loans were coming due. I had sent out dozens of tapes with little more than a ‘no thanks’ in return. My Plan B ended up being me going back to college to get a broadcasting degree. Three semesters later, I was able to land my first broadcast meteorology gig, which is actually at the same station I’m at today, thirteen years later.

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