• Tiffany Sunday – Social Media Rights and Personal Branding for TV Meteorologists

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  • Social Media For Broadcast Meteorologists: Does Facebook Offer More Value Than Twitter?

    There is no doubt that social media has changed the way we do our jobs as broadcast meteorologists. Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow us to reach viewers outside of the 6 and 11PM broadcasts. More importantly, it allows viewers to reach us a whole lot easier, and on a much more frequent basis. That changes things up quite a bit from fifteen years ago. What was once more of a one-way broadcast is evolving into more of a two-way discussion. We have to learn how to listen and respond better, and Facebook is the best tool for that right now. As broadcast meteorologists, our time during the day in limited, and I think its a valid question about where our time is best spent. While all social media channels has its advantages and disadvantages, personally I’m feeling like I’m getting more value out of Facebook.

    Facebook is for everyone. It seems like Twitter is there for people with something to say. Everyone is broadcasting on Twitter, the way a television station broadcasts the local news. But those who don’t have something to promote or push aren’t on Twitter as much, and that is likely most of your viewing audience. Some say that the leaders and trendsetters are engaging on Twitter and where they go, so will everyone else. It seems to me there are a whole lot more loyal viewers on Facebook, waiting to hear what you have to say.

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