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There aren’t a lot of ‘secret’ jobs out there. They are just scattered all over the web on local TV station web pages. Stations want you to see their listing and get the best mets to apply. The Broadcast Meteorologist searches these local TV station web pages and posts the latest TV weather jobs here.. for free.

In the DMA Jobs Database, there are over 400 currently listed on the Broadcastmet database. Here’s a sample:

Market 104 – Myrtle Beach, SC


Market 105 – Tallahassee, FL


On the Now Hiring Page you’ll get the complete rundown of every meteorologist or weathercaster opening listed in the DMA database. New jobs are posted (usually) every week. Here’s a sample of jobs that are currently listed:

Morning/Noon Meteorologist – WTXL, Tallahassee (mkt 105)

Meteorologist/News Anchor – WFMJ, Youngstown OH (mkt 109)

You’ll also find  jobs from the larger, multi-station companies like Hearst and Raycom.

You’ve done all the work to get the degree, it shouldn’t be a hassle to find good, broadcast meteorology jobs. If you have any questions, please shoot me an email through the contact page.


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