Moving Up: Hayley LaPoint

I’m happy to report that another Lyndon State alumni is moving up to a new job. Hayley LaPoint (’09) is leaving her job in Fargo, North Dakota for a morning job in the Champlain Valley at WPTZ. Hayley was great to work with during her time at Lyndon State, and excelled at the reporting and news anchoring as well as the broadcast meteorology. You could always tell that she was determined to do well and knew where she wanted to go. After two years out west, I know that she is happy to be returning to New England.

WPTZ has a history of hiring Lyndon State College graduates. Cindy Fitzgibbon (’95) and Keith Carson (’05) have also spent time at the Plattsburg station. Hayley will now make for three Lyndon State broadcast meteorologists doing the morning weather in the Burlington/Plattsburg market. She’ll be joining Gary Sadowsky (’92) and Kerrin Jeromin (’08) who are already working the early shift at WCAX and Fox 44, respectively. Counting Hayley, we’ll now have five Lyndon State alumni working on-air in the Champlain Valley.

I know that Hayley will a good fit at WPTZ. Hayley also says that now she is back in New England, she’s looking forward to working more with Lyndon State, and helping the upcoming broadcast meteorologists. I think hearing the stories and advice from alumni are some of the best teaching tools we can provide for new mets. I look forward to having Hayley back in the market, and hope that we can work together on future projects. I’ll update her links in the Lyndon State alumni section has soon as she gets started at her new station, sometime in mid August.


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