What’s Your Super Power?

Everybody has something that we’re good at. Sometimes its something you are born with, but usually its something you develop on your own. Many times, what you are good at comes out of necessity, while other times you are just following something you obsessively love. Finding what you are good at can help you be a lot more successful and happy in your career. This is your super power.

When I was in high school, I grew to a freakish 6 foot, 7 inches tall. I could have been another foot taller and I still wouldn’t been a good basketball player. Either I didn’t have the physical coordination for it, or I didn’t love the game enough to develop the skills I needed to be competitive. But I liked working with computers, and that ended up helping so much more in the career I’ve chosen to be in.

A great super power sets you apart and makes you unique. By discovering what you are good at, and then working that into what you do, you increase your worth for the organization you work for. You also make yourself a whole lot more valuable in the job search when you can qualify what you do better than everyone else. Every member on a team needs a role, and should excel in that role. At the end of the day, you end up with a team or organization that is greater that the sum of its parts.

Here are a couple of things you can do to find and develop your own super power:

Think hard about what your good at, and what you love. Something might come easy to you, or maybe there is something you are passionate about. If you are good at something, or like doing it, then you are more likely to want to improve and use that skill or talent. If you enjoy writing, or engaging in social media, you could start a weather blog, or beef up your weather team’s Twitter and Facebook presence.

Find what’s missing, then fill that need. The quickest way to find your niche is to figure out where your team is weak, and then work on that skill. Maybe its weather graphics, or live shots, or school visits. Take a look around and pick something where you can make a difference for your station.

The best teams have balanced teammates. When you all know your roles, and enjoy your spot on the team, then morale is high and everyone benefits. Know your strengths, but be flexible. Its never too late to learn something new.

What is your super power?


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