Everybody Run! Here Comes Jim Cantore

Here’s a great clip from the Weather Channel featuring everyone’s favorite storm tracker, Jim Cantore. The Weather Channel did a nice job putting this promo together. Thanks to @weather_Jake for tweeting the clip.

I can’t imagine why anyone would run from Jim Cantore. You really have to have a passion for what you do to spend the amount of time on the road as he does. He’s been with the Weather Channel since the very start, and hurricane coverage wouldn’t be the same without him.

I actually get to work with Jim once a year at Lyndon State College, and you really couldn’t find a nicer guy. Jim is an alum of Lyndon State and comes up to campus each November for a weekend workshop with the broadcast meteorology seniors. Its great to get feedback from meteorologists who have been out there and seen it all, and Jim is clearly one of the best. I’ve seen him do great things will students first hand, and I appreciate the time he puts into the program.

So hopefully the hurricane season will be kind to Jim. I’ve personally learned a lot about broadcasting from him and I look forward to his next visit up to Lyndon in November.


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