Better Broadcasts Through Teamwork

In college and early in our professional careers, we spend so much time thinking about our own personal development that we usually neglect the growth and progress of the weather team as a group. The weather office can often be competitive with people coming in and out from other jobs, and moving up and down with staff changes based on the latest ratings book. You might discover that by working with each met’s strengths, you’ll end up being better yourself than if you had just gone in it alone.

Your forecasts are better. We all think we know it all and that our forecast is the one that is right. In college we all forecast separately, and are graded as individuals. Sure its important that we are great forecasters on our own, but collaborating with the rest of the team will often yield a better forecast. Be sure to state your case, but its just as important to listen and be flexible as well. When its just you in the office, make sure you take the last shift’s forecast into consideration. Viewers hate dueling forecasts from the same station.

Your graphics are better. Someone on your team is the graphics ninja. Maybe its you. Regardless, its important to share your ideas, your stats, and whatever great graphics you are whipping up. Don’t be concerned that someone in the office is going to get credit for something you did. Spread it around. Believe me, people know who is doing the work. On your down days, you’ll be happy you’ve got a team behind you to help inspire that extra bit of content into your show.

Support your anchor team too. Its not just the mets that need to work together, but your newscast team as well. Good co-anchor chemistry can go a long way, and if you make their lives easier, they’ll return the favor, and the whole show will get a boost. Look for ways to pitch in when the news gets busy.

Good teams build each other up, and that benefits everyone on an individual level. Broadcast news is competitive, but working out of abundance rather than scarcity will ultimately help your career go farther.

How does your team help each other out?


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