Weekend Warriors

Ah summer.. some parts of the country wait all year for these few months. Its time to get out with friends and family, and enjoy concerts, weddings and parties.

That is, unless you are working weekends. Most broadcast meteorologists starting out get stuck with working the weekend shift, and it can be a frustrating time of year if you are used to getting out and being social with the rest of the world. You’ll find that with everybody else off on Saturday and Sunday, most summer events are scheduled for those days, and getting any time off to be there can be a bit of a challenge.

Here are a few tips for mets who need help surviving the weekends:

  • Bond with you coworkers – New reporters, photogs and producers are in the same boat you are, and probably closer in age and interests than a lot of the veterans. Get to know them outside of the office.
  • Take advantage of the weekdays – While everyone else is working, life can be a lot less crowded. Hang out with people with similar schedules and enjoy restaurants, beaches, and golf courses without the weekend rush.
  • The long lunch – Evening breaks between the 6pm and 11pm shows can be useful in popping into quick social events to keep contact with your workweek friends. You’ll want to avoid the alcohol, and its never easy going back to work in the middle of the fun, but at least you can make an appearance.
Believe me, it doesn’t get any easier. One thing you need to know is that there are no good shifts in local television news. From weekends, you might move up to mornings, where you’ll get up at 3am (or earlier). After that, there is the prime time shift that runs evenings and nights past the 11pm news. So weekends might not be all that bad. Things are usually a little less formal around the office on Saturday and Sunday with fewer people in the building. And you still can go out and enjoy happy hour.. it just starts at midnight.

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